Scripture editing made simple


Why another translation tool?

A Bible translation editor that is owned by and developed for the community which uses modern technology to solve the practical problems faced on the field in the current Bible translation context.

Free & Open Source

Autographa is free and open source and made available to all without any restrictions. Contributions are welcome!


Autographa is available both as a desktop application (Windows, Linux and MacOS) and as a website so that you can work from anywhere.


Autographa's User Interface is localized into Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish and it supports rendering and editing complex scripts like Awami Nastaliq (right to left).

CCBT ready

Autographa has shown great success in being used on the field for translation projects using the Church Centric Bible Translation paradigm.

User Centric

The application is built from the ground up get you started with little or no training while enabling both beginners and veteran to their best work!


We use the latest technology to maximize performance and provide you with an uninterrupted work flow.


USFM Editing

USFM markup can be challenging. Autographa allows you to easily and intuitively edit content while taking care of the underlying markup for you.

Translation Helps

Get direct access to numerous open-access translation resources or load your own content for reference.

Scripture Burrito Support

Encouraging Bible technology standards, Autographa supports the versatile Scripture Burrito standard as a first class citizen.


Autographa allows multiple users to use the same application on the same computer while maintaining separate project data.


Support for multiple application language including English, Hindi, Russian and more!

Cross Platform

Autographa supports Windows, Linux and Mac for the desktop version and is functional in a complete offline manner.


Each major functionality is developed as a separate mode which itself is an open-component. This allows for easy extension and development.

Open Source

The application is licensed under the permissive MIT license and is made freely available for use and further development.


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